Custom Products

We also specialize in the manufacturing of other more intricate styles of corrugated packaging designed specifically for your products. Trays, Telescoping Boxes, Roll-Ups, Build-Ups, Partitions and an incredible variety of special Inserts are manufactured here every day. Our Design Department will work with you to develop a packaging solution specifically engineered to fit your particular product and application.

All of our basic styles can be produced to almost any custom dimensions or standard tests to create the perfect packaging for your product. In addition to sizing, your boxes can be printed with up to three color printing featuring your artwork or text to create just the right look for your company. Heavier weight boxes can be stitched instead of glued for increased joint strength. A variety of coatings can be added to make your packaging moisture or grease resistant. There are linerboards in custom colors available as well. Specified labeling is also an option.  

Some of our most requested styles include:

Regular Slotted Containers: RSC’s are the classic corrugated boxes that everyone knows and values. The flaps are all the same length and fold up to meet in the center of the box. These are highly efficient boxes for many uses

Half Slotted Containers: HSC’s are identical to RSC’s except that they are missing a set of flaps. These are useful for the internal storage of products which do not require full coverage. Sometimes they are used in conjunction with tray tops or other designs.

One Piece Folds: OPF’s are containers which wrap around a product and provide a flat bottom surface. Additional scores can be added to create a Variable Depth Bookfold(VDB) which allows a single container to be used with different products of varying depths.These styles are often used in the shipping of posters or book-shaped objects.

Mailers: Mailers are intricately designed, self erecting, die-cut containers. They come in many styles with a wide variety of locking mechanisms. These containers offer excellent protection and are very convenient for shipping many different kinds of products.

Partitions: Partitions are made up two or more sizes of inter-locking slotted pads forming a grid of cells in almost any configuration. These are often used for shipping glass containers, products holding liquids or other breakable objects. These are usually purchased along with an outer container which can hold one or more layers of partitions often separated by corrugated pads.

Telescoping Trays: Telescoping trays consist of two trays that fit one over the other to form a container. The trays can come in a variety of styles which can be set up either with tape, stitching or folding depending on the application. Telescope style boxes are very popular and have many uses.

Roll-ups: Roll-ups are simply scored pads that are meant to either wrap neatly around a product for protection or to serve as a divider or spacer in a pack with other items. Roll-ups provide strength, cushioning and support and can be designed for many uses. Roll-ups are usually placed in a master container or pack.

Five Panel Folders: Five Panel Folders are one piece containers that wrap around a product with the fifth panel acting as a closing flap. Each end of the container features four layers of corrugated paper which provides considerable protection and stacking strength for oblong items which could easily be damaged during shipping.

Tubes: Tubes are simply scored pads or roll-ups which fold to form a rectangular shape, open at both ends. Sometimes a manufacturers joint is added so that they may be glued or stitched to maintain their shape but often there is no joint and they are joined by tape. Sometimes a tube is used to form a container by adding a tray top and bottom. Other times a tube is placed inside of another container to increase strength and add protection. Tubes sometimes are used to form cells in a larger pack for glass items or other items needing increased protection.