How to Order Custom Packaging

A call is placed and answered by one of our highly trained Customer Service Representatives. They can help answer your questions or take any requests you might have. Often they can take care of your order completely. But if your packaging is more complex or if you need personal assistance, one of our Outside Sales Representatives will contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

Our Sales Representatives will take measurements of your product and provide you with their recommendations.  If your packaging requires custom printing they will discuss available options and our equipment capabilities. They will go over delivery options as well as your delivery requirements. They will also explain our Warehousing Program to see if that may be helpful option. A quotation will be provided and they will work with you and our office to establish credit and set up your account.

When necessary our Sales Representatives will take a sample of your product back to our Design Department to develop a concept that best accommodates your packaging requirements. Many factors are considered including shipping method, stacking requirements and product weight in order to create the most efficient, economical package possible. A sample will be produced and brought back to you for your hands-on approval.

Once the design is approved, a quotation will be presented shortly thereafter. This will include all charges, tooling fees when applicable and any other associated costs. After the quote is accepted and credit is approved, your order will go into process immediately in order to ensure that your turnaround and delivery requirements are fully satisfied.