Shipping Department

Our ability to deliver product in a timely fashion is a critical component in meeting the service needs of our customers. To accomplish this end, we manage, operate and maintain our own fleet of delivery vehicles. This allows us to dispatch our products in accordance with the needs of our customers rather than at the whim of some third party shipping company. We are quite familiar with our customer’s delivery expectations, and operating our own fleet is what gives us the control to service and satisfy these expectations effectively as well as consistently.

All of our delivery vehicles are equipped with reliable GPS tracking devices allowing us to verify where our trucks are at any given moment. Through this monitoring system, we are able to keep our customers updated with exact and accurate delivery times. When required, it also allows us to change a driver’s route in order to accommodate a customer’s last minute emergency.

Having our own full-time drivers is also to our customer’s advantage because they become familiar with personnel, products and specific requests. In most cases our customers and drivers get to know each other on a first name basis. This relationship is an integral part and a real asset in enabling us to provide the best customer service possible.